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wine, without the label. 

click on the crate varietal below to watch a tasting video with our winemaker

Crate - Coonawarra Mc Clarenvale Shiraz NV _edited.png
Crate - Coonawarra Barossa Shiraz  NV _edited.png
Crate - Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon  NV _edited.png
Coming Soon!

what is Crate about?

Crate is wine- we partner with changemakers in the sustainability space to work towards a greener future.

You might notice the glass bottles are not uniform and that's because they aren't! We’re working with Orora who are champions in the sustainability space to select wine bottles that have been deemed imperfect - due to slight discolouration or cosmetic faults- reducing the need for more processing and waste.  It is also the smallest and most lightweight 750ml glass wine bottle available, weighing 330grams (empty) compared to Premium Burgundy bottle at 560grams or Punted Burgundy at 415grams.

Crate features all the information you need on the screw cap, free from labels and inks and glues and our cartons are made from recycled materials and are recyclable. 

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